Sunday, October 30, 2016

8 Killer Magento SEO Tips to Get High Ranking on Search Engines

It is not possible for any business entity to ignore SEO planning for their marketing strategy. In any form of internet based marketing, SE... thumbnail 1 summary
It is not possible for any business entity to ignore SEO planning for their marketing strategy. In any form of internet based marketing, SEO is the decisive factor behind success of an online business. Better SEO will attract more traffic, and will create more customers for a business. However, SEO is not a simple task, and the job is more complicated when it is involved with an eCommerce website, which is displaying a large array of products and willing to proliferate its business internationally. On the other hand, this is the primary reason behind the hug popularity of Magento based e-commerce websites. Magento possesses many SEO friendly features like image optimization, and Google sitemap, etc.

Magento SEO Tips By Mohd Atif

Below are basic SEO tips business owners, or responsible managers should know to improve ranking and traffic to their Magento based websites –
  1. As per the experts at the top SEO company Toronto, it is always necessary to use the latest version of Magento. It helps in SEO to a large extent.
  2. Use of proper and need-based key words are necessary. Meta title, and descriptions are also need to be rich with the content based keywords.
  3. Optimizing product images is also necessary. The titles of the images should be short but descriptive and keyword rich.
  4. Duplicate content is to be avoided as much as possible. If the same product is displayed under different categories, different contents should be used.
  5. Loading speed of the site directly influences SEO campaign. Lo speed sites are visibly ignored by search engines.
  6. The website should have smooth-sailing navigation feature. People don’t prefer complicated navigating menus and navigation system.
  7. A specific store code for the URLs is provided by Magento. But this store code hinders crawling and ranking, hence, search engines don’t prefer these types of store codes. Experts at Magento ecommerce development UK always ensured that these codes are erased before applying SEO features to a website.
  8. Product information management (PIM) is another vital aspect in SEO campaign. Use of correct key word in product description content and appropriate application of product categories is important for SEO.

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