Friday, September 9, 2016

Worst Hosting Company In India - Hiox India - - Review

In this blog post I will let you know the real story of this company which goes by the name of " Hiox India ". People are looking... thumbnail 1 summary
In this blog post I will let you know the real story of this company which goes by the name of "Hiox India". People are looking for cheap hosting services but they don't know about the reality of cheap hosting providers especially majority of the Indian companies. Most of the services providers are cheaters and fraud. They propose some cheap promotional stuff like free domain, cheap hosting prices and sometimes free trial period. The main focus of these fraud companies is to make new clients, which are brainless.

How Hiox India Cheat Innocent People:

  • By giving them something free is the best way to get a new client. But new customers are not aware that they will soon be robbed..
  • If customer leaves due to brand issues (as Hiox India is not a brand) then these guys will continuously send you some greedy offers like this: 

Offer HIOX India Cheap Domain

  • If you sign-up by mistake then they will call you again and again.

Now I am sharing with you one case study of this company - Hioxindia. I Hope you read complete study and keep away from this terrible company.

A couple of days ago I had bought a hosting plan plus domain from this company at cheap price of Rs 800, all thing going normal. Then some days later I created a website on WordPress (A CMS website) and uploaded it to the server of Hioxindia. The website looks good and worked smoothly.

After one week, I saw a problem that my website is not working on my PC, but then I tried from the phone (IP address changed), website worked fine. I contacted this company and told them the whole problem. They Said "you have sent lots of emails from our server from your IP, that's why we had to blocked your IP address" but I told them "I did not use their mail services, I don't even know about the mailing service". Their chat executive told me that "it will take 24 hours to get the changes done". I said "OK".... but this wasn't the last incident, I had to face many more things, lets continue with the worst service.

After a few days, I opened my website's home page opening time was 60+ second (its the worst timing for a website, suppose you visit a website and you have to wait 60+ seconds to see the content, then what will you do? Simply you leave the website) and internal page opening time was 80+ seconds. I mailed the same thing to the "" but I did not get any response. On the very next day I contacted them via mail and

I got a very funny answer by their chat executive – “You are using the eCommerce Wordpress application” but I told them I was using WordPress blog.

Here is the theme-

My Wordpress theme

I told him everything but it was very difficult to convince him. Finally, I gave up. Here is the chat screenshot:

Screen shot link: Click here

On the next day, I called them on the numbers mentioned on their website - Mobile: +91-7708009900 / +91-7708102020 but both the phones were busy. Then I called them on third no. Phone: +91-422-4348664. The voice is very slow and they told me to call again. I called them 3 times and the third time they told me to chat. Here is the screenshot of my cell phone:

I tried to chat with them but got an error:

Screenshot link: Click here

I am very frustrated with their service and decided to move to a good service provider. I contacted the blue host and they assured me to give good service, but before that they need "Domain authentication code" to transfer my domain name. I again contacted "Hiox India" they told me you have purchased a domain in promotion offer, you have to pay more to get the code.

I asked them how much? They reply Rs 700 is the total cost of the domain and you have to pay Rs 643.

After thinking a lot, I agreed to give them the money, but story doesn't ends here. They did not tell me one hidden thing.

After the payment of Rs 643 they told me, we cannot provide you transfer code right now because your domain is new and you have spend at least 60 days to transfer to a new registrar. I was shocked and depressed.

Screenshot link: Click here

What the hell is going on. I paid everything and this company was still dominating me. I followed each and every rule and regulation, but I got nothing at then end. Their services was poor, the server was poor, chat executive had poor knowledge, mail system was poor.... Everything is worst about this company, but they are still earning a lot and looting innocent people. Why isn't anyone taking action against this company? Why are higher authorities not aware about this company.

I will not stop here, I am law abiding citizen of India and I paid tax also. I will not stop here. I will move to the court and sue this Bloody company "".

If you are facing the same problem, then comment on the below section.


  1. These Indian Companies are all bulshit. They just want to make money by cheating Indian Customers. We have to take strong action against these cheap compainies like HOIX INDIA Hosting Company. BDW Thanks Mohd. Atif for sharing your HOIX INDIA Review. I will share this post to my social profile.

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