Monday, September 26, 2016

How to Boost Tumblr Blog Page Authority in Just 10 Minutes

This is not a mystery or a magic trick; it’s an experiment that I performed for boosting my Tumblr account page authority (PA). And yo... thumbnail 1 summary

This is not a mystery or a magic trick; it’s an experiment that I performed for boosting my Tumblr account page authority (PA). And you, just like me, will get surprise to see the results. Hint: Yes! My experiment was successful! This process just took 10 minutes but at the end I was shocked when I saw the results.

I used this account "articleblogin" for experiment and you can check backlinks, domain page authority on MOZ.

Everybody knows what Tumblr is? And what is the purpose for using it?

If you don't know then read below, otherwise skip to the steps directly:

Tumblr is one of the biggest blogging & social sharing websites, similar to blogger and Wordpress but some features of Tumblr are quite different than the others. Now, when you create an account, this website provides you a sub-domain, where you can post your content, images, videos, links etc. Tumblr’s domain authority is 99. It means it is a good website in the eyes of all search engines but problem is that if your website’s page authority is 1 or below then it is worthless for search engines. But worry no more, now you can easily boost your page authority by performing the following steps:

Now-a-days many people are selling their old Tumblr accounts or expired domains on Fiverr because they have built good backlinks and reputation for search engines. I am not talking about "how to get expired domains on Tumblr", rather I am interested in increasing your page authority in just 10 minutes of work (but you have to wait for the next update of MOZ to see that change).

Follow these steps:

1. Sign up for Tumblr or if you have already created an account then login.

2. Search blogs relevant to your niche (Niche means category)

3. Now open those blogs one by one, you may also open all blogs on different tabs. Remember to check each blog Page Authority, if it is 0 or 1 then leave it otherwise open any of the post of each blog.

4. Now like the post. Check the image below if you can't find the like button:

5. Now wait for 2-5 minutes and refresh your page. Check the image below:

6. You will get a no-follow backlink (Don't think that nofollow link won't work! It really does). Now repeat the above step on each blog. You will get a lot of backlinks in a few minutes.

 How to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

Your page authority (PA) will boost when MOZ update will come. Generally it will take 30 days or less.

Note:  It is very important that your backlinks are crawled (page which has your link) because if it is not crawled, then backlink will not be counted by search engines and you have to wait for a long period to crawl that page again by the search engines. So if it is not being cached in 30 days then submit the url to Google and get it crawled by yourself.

I hope you like it, please comment if you face any problem. I really appreciate your comments and shares.

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