Monday, August 8, 2016

The Major Benefits of Guest Blogging for Search Engines

In this post I am writing about Guest blogging (Guest posts ) and its benefits. I hope you like it. Guest blogging is the mos... thumbnail 1 summary

In this post I am writing about Guest blogging (Guest posts) and its benefits. I hope you like it.

Guest blogging is the most powerful way to get ranked on the major search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo but the process of doing guest blogging is very difficult. Because of difficult procedure and time consuming process 90% of the SEO peoples left off this technique. Many think that it’s the useless way and we have to wait for a long to get a link from another website, but they forget about the truth that "1 link on High authority website is equal to 100 backlinks of low authority websites".

Some of the famous bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Aggarwal and so on are working on this technique and they encourage people to post their links on high authority websites and create natural link building. This process takes time, but its 100% result oriented process.

Now talk about "What is guest blogging?"

Guest blogging is the process to ask other bloggers or website owner to post our content on their blog or websites.

Why these processes take time?

Before posting, there is lots of conversation with blogger or website owner to tell them about your services, products and why they post your content on his/her website? This process takes 1 week and sometimes takes less than one week. If a blogger is satisfied about your answers, then you get a chance to post your content on the High Authority website. Sometime blogger ask you for some financial assistance. As I said above “1 good quality of do-follow link is better than 100’s of low quality of backlinks. If you get a do-follow link from an authority website then your ranking will boost on search engines.

I am sharing with you a sample doc, which has a proposal letter to negotiate or ask a blogger to post your link.... Click here

I am sharing with you some easy approval Guest blogging websites, just mail them on the mention e-mail id and get good quality of backlink. Here is the list:

  1. – This website provide news, marketing tips, & Google updates. 
  2. – This website post content on various niches.
  3. – This website is also a good website for guest posting. Here you will find tech news, gaming, android and more posts.
  4. – It’s a new website but have a good traffic. They accept any niche.
  5. – It’s a techie website, which provides guest post.

This list goes on and on. There are thousands of website, who provide Guest posting services.

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